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How ATS can save the company money
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Today's labor market places increasing demands on companies to hire employees quickly and efficiently. Candidates are not willing to wait for days for a first interview or for feedback. Being in control of the candidate communication is essential to differentiate yourself in the war for candidates.

In this article, we will look at how a candidate selection automation systems (ATS) can significantly save a company money by simplifying and speeding up the recruitment process.
1. Reducing the costs of job advertisements
ATS systems increase the ratio between the number of candidates entering the recruiting funnel and the number of candidates which hire with a company by up to 40%. Since job advertisements are paid either as a fixed amount or per candidate, getting more hires out of the same marketing costs will reduce the cost per hire. Or you can reduce the marketing costs and still get the same amount of hires.

2. Reducing the costs of the hiring process
The use of ATS allows companies to reduce the costs of a laborious recruitment process, such as posting vacancies, selecting resumes, conducting interviews and checking recommendations. ATS automates these processes, reducing the time and effort spent on the search and selection of candidates. This in turn reduces the need for huge human resources departments, reducing the cost of their maintenance and salaries.
In addition, this also reduces the time of other parties involved (e.g. a restaurant manager) which can lead to more turnover / margin on the side of the core business.

3. Reduction of hiring time
Time is money, and hiring new employees quickly can be a critical factor for a company's success. ATS accelerates the candidate selection process, helping companies to close vacancies faster and start working on new projects. This reduces the losses associated with unfilled jobs and promotes business growth.

4. Improving the quality of candidates
ATS uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze resumes, which allows you to determine the most suitable candidates based on their experience, skills and other criteria. This increases the likelihood of successfull hiring and reduces the risk of incorrect employee selection, which ultimately reduces the cost of retraining and training new employees. Thus, the company receives more qualified personnel who contribute to the successful implementation of projects and the achievement of corporate goals.
This issue is especially critical, when the quality of the candidate is essential to achieve a business result. In mass recruiting this is usually not so much of a differentiator.

5. Reduced staff turnover
Automated candidate selection carried out by ATS contributes to a more accurate selection of employees who better match the corporate culture and workplace requirements. This in turn reduces staff turnover, as employees feel more confident and comfortable in their workplaces. Lower staff turnover leads to lower costs for the constant search, hiring and training of new employees, which has a positive effect on the financial performance of the company.

6. Improving the company's brand
The use of ATS can have a positive impact on the company's reputation in the labor market. The automated candidate selection process makes the hiring process more transparent and structured, which reduces the likelihood of discrimination and improves the overall perception of the company among applicants. This can attract more talented professionals and reduce the cost of advertising and attracting candidates.

7. Further process improvements
ATS systems give the management transparency about the KPIs of their employees and the performance of the process. This enables the company to systematically improve the recruitment process. So even if today’s process is not optimal, the data collected by an ATS system allows further improvements.
The use of candidate selection automation systems (ATS) is an effective tool to reduce the company's costs for the recruitment process. It allows you to reduce the time and effort spent on the search and selection of candidates, improve the quality of recruitment, reduce staff turnover, and strengthen the corporate brand. The introduction of ATS allows companies to optimize their hiring process, making it more efficient and economical, which ultimately leads to lower overall costs and increased profits.

The use of ATS can lead to significant cost and resource savings for companies, regardless of their size or industry. Companies that use modern technologies and innovations in their hiring processes gain an advantage in the competitive labor market and contribute to their long-term success.
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